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Fingerprints Expire. Who knew?

Our CIS fingerprints expire on 11/20!!! So this means we have to travel up to Fort Worth and get our biometrics updated. Fun stuff.  Just when you thought you were…

adoption, faith

More H.O.P.E.

Since receiving the BAD NEWS, we have gotten our hearts and our minds around things and are feeling much better.  Everything looks better in the light of a new day…and…

adoption, faith


It’s true. WE DID NOT PASS COURT after all.   Last Thursday we were told that we PASSED our MOWA court date.  But sadly, yesterday, we got the call from…

adoption, faith

After the rain #peace

We have officially missed the window.  The very small window of time that would have been considered a miracle. It would have been a miracle to receive a court date…

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The Kindness of Strangers

Today our family experienced a random act of kindness, an act of generosity from a perfect stranger.  this sweet 19 year old  (nineteen year old!) put together a giveaway on…

adoption, faith

Waiting a good wait.

So you’ve all heard the saying, “fight the good fight”- right?!  Well…We here at the Mathews house are resolved to wait a good wait. “Waiting is one of God’s most…