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It’s true. WE DID NOT PASS COURT after all.   Last Thursday we were told that we PASSED our MOWA court date.  But sadly, yesterday, we got the call from…


Passed MOWA! And an update!

We got the GOOD NEWS on Thursday early afternoon that we PASSED MOWA!!!  Needless to say this is THE BEST NEWS and we are on cloud nine around here!  This…


Shower + one week [MOWA]

Ok…So- WOW.  Sometimes this journey still feels like a time warp of some kind.  Time is FLYING and STALLING in a strange simultaneous fashion. (and it probably doesn’t help that…


Nesting and Friends

The “nesting” instinct has officially set in.  They say that “nesting” is an uncontrollable urge to clean one’s house brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for the…


Travel Shots & An Update.

This week is flying by!  AND yesterday was a great day!  We got a really fun update on Justice and a funny picture too!  She is FULL of personality and…


Good news and good news

GOOD NEWS and GOOD NEWS!!!  We got the BEST update on our girl last week along with a super fun picture too!  She is so precious AND spunky and cute….…