My name is Christine and I am a portrait photographer located in Phoenix, Arizona. I am a Wife and a Mom to four great kids and three dogs. I live a blessed life.

I’m a pretty down-to-earth kind of person, I’m most comfortable in a worn pair of jeans but I do love to rock out a fun little black dress from time to time.

I could spend hours in funky re-sale shops and I’m always up for a DIY project and getting my hands dirty in the garden….

I drink coconut water like it’s water, Yoga is my favorite way to stay fit and I am fueled by all kinds of music. AND…I am pretty sure I am addicted Pinterest [who isn’t, right?!]

Please take some time to check out my work and my latest ramblings on my blog. You can also find me on Facebook, pinning away on Pinterest, tweeting on Twitter and last but not least-Instagram!

If you would like to get into contact with me right away and/or would like more information about my photography or booking a session….CLICK HERE!