It’s never easy or fun to receive bad news.  The miniute you see it or hear it coming (even if it’s coming from NO WHERE) there is always this rush of fear that runs through your body along with flashes of all of the worst case scenarios.  It’s really crazy how our minds can move that fast.

Sometimes, the person delivering the bad news will say something like “do you want the good news or the bad news”? Meaning…while there is bad news coming…there is a bright side too.  Not so much in this case, at least not at first. (more on that in a minute)

Yesterday, the news that we in fact DID NOT PASS COURT (we were told we DID pass court last Thursday…) come to me via my husband. Poor guy. Clearly upset, in shock, pale as a ghost….  Not only did he have to be the first to receive the news when our caseworker called, but he had to tell me.  Not a fun job.

So all this to say that, yep.  It’s true.  We did not pass court as we were told last Thursday.  There has been a huge mix up with our case and another families case.  They were told that they didn’t pass- we were told that we did…but in reality it was the other way around.

Bottom line is that we have had to cancel our flights and all of our plans.  Our MOWA date has been re-scheduled for October 29th (which by the way seens FOREVER away…) and we are still unsure when our court date to appear in Ethipia will be.

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