The Kindness of Strangers

Today our family experienced a random act of kindness, an act of generosity from a perfect stranger.  this sweet 19 year old  (nineteen year old!) put together a giveaway on her blog to benefit our adoption!  She took time out of her busy life to help us raise funds to benefit our travel cost.  She took time to help perfect strangers!  SO inspiring.

So with that…I’ve been thinking.  Thinking about Random Acts of Kindness.  Thinking about Paying it FORWARD.  Thinking about the kingdom principle of Reaping and sowing.  Thinking about  it is Better to give than to receive.

We’ve all heard of Random Acts of Kindness.  I mean, there is even a foundation built around it.  There are bumper stickers and T-shirts; it’s pretty much a household phrase.  But do we live it out?

The expression “pay it forward” is used to describe the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid by having it done to others instead.  So simple yet so powerful.   Remember the movie?  Great movie!  Great concept.  One that we should all put into practice in our everyday lives. Right?

There is what I would call a “kingdom principle” of reaping and sowing.  Some would say that it is more than a principle, that it is a law. I’m not sure about it being a law but I do feel like it’s a lot like gravity. Some call it Karma.  Whatever you believe …whatever you call it, this is the thing- What goes around somehow always seems to come back around.  (for better or for worse)  Right? I think once you’ve been around the block called life a few times we will agree wholeheartedly.

Anyway…I am humbled and encouraged and I wanted to take a minute out of my day and give this girl and all the doing for other’s kind of people out there a shout out.

#thankyou #randomactsofkindness #blessed

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